Our Rate

Competitive rate and package deals.

Most wedding photographers offer only full-day coverage at a fixed price.
But we believe it is more economical to offer photography service
by the numbers of hours of your choice.
So as the client, you have more control. 

Our charge is based on 
HALF DAY (4 Hours) or FULL DAY (8 Hours).

Or MINIMUM Two Hours Hiring
*Price starts from £198.00*
**Not including prints/touch-up**

The TWO-HOURS minimum booking is perfect for couples, who don't want the photographer
sticking around all day and want to enjoy the party more without a prying eye. 


Want to book the Half-Day Package 
but maybe 4 hours is not enough?

Why don't you pre-book in advance the extra hour a bit cheaper @ £30 per hour?
Unexpected extra time on the day is @ £40 per hour.
**Extra charge starting to apply at 20 minutes past the hour**

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