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Have you ever wonder why luxury brands do so well? The quality of the material and designs play a great role. But more importantly, these brands know how to market their brand along with their products, and know how to engage their customers.

A good photograph of the product against a white background is essential, especially if the products are selling through online. At the same time, customers often wanted to know what the items would look like on themselves.

Allow your customers to know the item's size at an instant glance, will save a lot of confusion or requiring your customer to hunt the ruler down to see how big/small the item is. In another words, the more information you optimize visually in pictures, the quicker and easier for you to sell the product.

So allowing a pair of hands, or some kind of human interactive with your products, makes a huge difference when selling products online. Give your customers a good picture where they can get a "feel" to the item's material, colour and in size; whereas a standard white background catalogue photograph won't achieve, because there's no real life comparison.

At POCO ImageWork, we don't just do standard product photography, we have an in-house professional hand model (female) at our disposal for any photography project! And for a limited time, there'll be no extra costs for hiring our professional hand model (who has graced many big and small campaigns and adverts in the UK and internationally)! Yes, we couldn't believe our luck too!!!

So don't wait. Come talk to us today and see if we can give you a hand with your promotions!

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